Yes, the Akira series lights are very efficient providing significant energy savings. DLC Premium certification also provides clients with higher rebates in some jurisdictions.

  • 10 years for Akira Series
  • 5 years for Harvester Series
  • 3 years for the Titan UV Series fixtures

NexNord has an advanced thermal management design and uses superior, high quality components to confidently stand behind these warranties.

  • All fixtures can be used in 110v, 220v, 277v, 347v and 480v voltage feed.

  • 100,000 hours for the white light LEDs
  • 50,000 hours for our horticulture LEDs
  • 30,000 hours for the UV LEDs

99.9999% Viruses reduction for ceiling mounted fixture
Lamp Wattage 80W 160W 240W 320W
Room Size*:        
144 sq. ft. (12′ x 12′) 25 13 8 6
400 sq. ft. (20′ x 20′) 40 20 13 10
700 sq. ft. 60 30 20 15
1,200 sq. ft. 90 45 30 23
* Installation Height is 9ft/2.7m

Calculated based on conventional UVC lamps.

  • The Titan UVA model is a disinfecting light which kills bacteria. It has a wavelength of 400nm and is not harmful to humans so it can be used in occupied spaces to continually eliminate bacteria (see chart below).
  • The Titan UVC model kills all viruses and bacteria. It has a wavelength of 280nm which is harmful to humans. Any exposed skin must be covered, and eyes protected. PPE is required. If possible, the recommended use is for unoccupied spaces, during off hours/overnight. The use of two independent motion sensors is required so that the UVC light will turn off.

    Light Wavelength Chart

Yes, UVC below 280nm can create ozone which is harmful to humans if inhaled. So unlike conventional UVC lamps, NexNord 280nm which is above the ozone threshold

No, it can be installed 12″ to 18″ inside the intake ven.t

Yes, NexNord lights easily integrate with DMX, DALI, Digi-Xbee, and Bluetooth enable lighting controls using ‘plug n play’ connectors.

NexNord’s engineers designed lights that are field-serviceable so that the parts can be easily replaced at their end of life without having to replace the entire fixture nor send any parts of the fixture to landfill. In addition, the replaced parts are returned to NexNord to be retrofitted and reused – we call this our ‘Cradle to Cradle’ design. NexNord applies RoHS(restriction of hazardous substances) so there is no mercury, lead or other hazardous materials used. And NexNord’s robust packaging designs are 100% recyclable.